Are you struggling to get your baby to sleep soundly through the night? If you answer with a tired and resounding yes, then you need our help!

A good night’s sleep is essential for the development of your little one; it’s the paramount time they need to process new experiences and skills. Our empathetic award-winning Petite Dreamers team is on hand to encourage your baby to sleep soundly within a matter of days. Petite Dreamers is the only child sleep consultancy in Singapore, and Certified Sleep Senseā„¢ Coaches recognize us as the most trusted pediatric sleep experts in Asia. We are here to help you make positive changes for your baby and the rest of your family.

Together, we will have an in-depth sleep consultation to understand why your little one isn’t sleeping well. After this initial talk, we will write you a comprehensive sleep plan which includes step-by-step guidance and all of the essential sleep education tools for you to use over the next few weeks. Once you have read the plan, we will have another consultation to discuss the contents and how the following three weeks will unfurl. We will be by your side every step of the way, with at least five regular check-in calls scheduled to keep you on track. But don’t worry; we are always on hand if you need a friendly ear or want to discuss their progress.

Your Petite Dreamers tribe are your cheerleaders. Happy dances are absolutely part of our positive support! We want to ensure that you feel joyful and confident with us and know that we are vested in supporting you and your child through the next three weeks. We will support you and your family and understand how your little one goes to bed and how they progress with independent sleep. Our pediatric sleep coaching guarantee highlights our dedication and commitment to you and your baby’s success.

The Petite Dreamers programme is a team effort! Whilst we provide you with all of the tools and resources to help your baby sleep, we also need your positive commitment and confidence to allow this transition to go smoothly. We offer a money-back guarantee based on our terms and conditions, as linked below.

We are excited about helping you on your journey so that your baby and the rest of your family sleep well and with peaceful dreams. We set you up with a sleep tracker so that you can record your baby’s progress daily. Be upfront and open in our conversations and provide us with detailed information about your child’s behaviour, disposition, successes and shortcomings throughout the day. Pay particular attention to nap times, waking hours, bedtimes and night sleep so that we can help you and tweak the plan where necessary.

Are you ready for you and your little one to get more sleep?

To book your first 20-minute discovery call, email Louise or Hannah, give them a call, or book online! It’s the perfect Christmas present to yourself to encourage a sense of peace and well-being for you, your baby and the rest of your family.

You can view the Petite Dreamers’ terms and conditions here.