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“A big thank you for saving our sleep.”

Words can not express how grateful we are. We are so happy that Max can sleep through the night from 7-6:30 given that he woke up at least 3-4 times a night. We really appreciate your support along the journey. This was the best money that we spent ever! I will strongly recommend you to anyone who needs a sleep coach.

– Marie, Mathias and little Max (3.5 years old) – Singapore –

“Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging support and continuous reassurance.”

It has been wonderful having you to teach, guide and support us in the challenging task of teaching our baby to sleep on his own. Thank you for this and for your compassion, understanding, patience, and for always making yourself available when I desperately and urgently needed advice. You were amazing.

Our lives are so different from what they were before we met you, and we are actually sleeping well at night again.

I have already recommended you to a few sleep-deprived friends, who are considering sleep training.

Thank you, Thank you and Thank You.

– Lavinia, Simon and Master A (8.5 months old) – Singapore –

“Louise showed a great amount of empathy towards our situation…”

Our 9-month old baby girl was only able to fall asleep either by being fed by mommy or rocked by daddy and she woke up every 2-3 hours during the night. This had been the case for 4-5 months with no improvement, therefore we decided to contact Louise. Louise showed a great amount of empathy towards our situation and she came up with a sleep-training plan that was tailored to our needs. The first few nights were met with a lot of protest, but our daughter managed to fall asleep without our assistance surprisingly fast and as a result she had her first longer stretch of sleep (9.5 hours) on night 4. Since then, she is able to fall asleep within 10-15 minutes in the evening and she sleeps for 10-11 hours in one go. Amazing achievement! Louise was very supportive and helpful throughout the training; she has the right combination of being strict and consequent with being flexible and understanding. In addition, she was always available whenever we had a question or a concern (that of course happened many times). We highly recommend Louise for anyone who would like to solve their baby’s sleep issues.

– Zoltan, Kalina and Miss L (9 months old) – Singapore –

“She listened to our concerns, considered our families needs.”

We were hesitant and unsure before starting the sleep training with our 10 month old, however Louise put our minds at ease. She listened to our concerns, considered our families needs, went at our pace and provided us with support that was over and beyond our expectations. Our baby girl was sleeping through the night within 2 nights. We can not thank Louise enough for helping us develop a new set of skills to help both our baby and us get the rest we need.

– Melanie, Dustin and Miss W (10 months old) – Singapore –

“Never once did I feel judged or made to feel as if I had failed. Louise understood and was a huge support from the start.”

Louise Duncan may not have turned up on my doorstep on a white charger, but she did come through my front door with a wonderfully positive attitude and a sympathetic ear. Our first consultation in person was after having already spoken several times via email and telephone, and also after I had filled in a comprehensive questionnaire about my son Rafferty’s sleeping habits. Never once did I feel judged or made to feel as if I had failed. Louise understood and was a huge support from the start.

She met Rafferty (whom I had pre-warned about having a visit from The Sleep Lady) and engaged him in the proceedings as much as possible. And then we went through the plan that she had written just for us, we spoke about my concerns and worries for the sleep training process, and she gave me some really great tips to implement as part of the plan in order to help make it all as easy as possible (for Raff AND for me!).

– Tracy, Lee and Rafferty (3 years old) – Singapore –

“We are so glad we contacted you.”

We contacted Louise to help us with our little one who just would not get a good night’s sleep and would wake up at irregular (and multiple) times during the night. Louise was prompt and helpful in her response and came over to our place to provide us with a very personalised consultation. She examined our little one’s room and identified toys or items which we would need to remove from the room (e.g. crib toys) and certain practices we would need to stop (e.g. night time feeds). Although we were sceptical at first (and terrified of what the first few nights would be like), our little one started sleeping through until the morning on the 3rd or 4th night of training. He now sleeps from 7pm to 7am everyday, and it is just such a relief! He also catches a solid 60 to 90 minute nap just before lunchtime each day. He wakes up every morning refreshed, energetic and happy (and so do we)! Thank you so much Louise!!!

– Rohan, Kelly and Baby K (13 months old) – Singapore –

“My time with him is much richer.”

For the past three nights, Master E has managed to soothe himself back to sleep when he wakes at 5am. He then wakes up at 6.30/6.40am which means he’s had over 11 hours of sleep. This has never been achieved in the past! I feel more present in the day with him with more sleep. My time with him is much richer now that we are both more rested!

– Mardhiah and Master E (9 months old) – Singapore –

“I really cannot thank you enough. Your calm, kind support has been truly appreciated.”

Miss L has been asleep for more than an hour! I’ve enjoyed my lunch, sorted laundry and am now reading my book! Yesterday I had the energy to take her to the library! We joined and borrowed a bag full of books which she has been tasting, pushing, opening and flicking through!! I really cannot thank you enough. Your calm, kind support has been truly appreciated.

– Helen, David and Miss L (9 months old) – Singapore –

“Louise – Our young family’s life saviour

Three months into our journey as first time parents, our baby girl’s sleep habit and pattern spiralled out of control and short of rocking our little angel for 2 hours every time we put her to bed at night, she refused to sleep. As the nights got worse, so did the days with naps shortening to 10-20 minutes and any nap patterns disappearing completely. Family life came to a grinding halt, with daddy clueless, mommy helpless, and baby sleepless.

Then the Gods sent us Louise. With her relentless dedication and passion, she worked out a custom tailored plan for us and encouraged us to take the necessary steps into the right direction. As first time parents, both far away from home, it was the helped we had been longing for.

2 weeks into the journey, things started to improve markedly. We had a clear bedtime schedule and procedure, our little girl needed no longer to be rocked for 2 hours but rather settled within minutes. And with a better night sleep, the proper day time naps returned as well. Today our baby girl is 6 months old, sleeps through the night (yes – a full 12 hours) and naps very well. Happy baby = happy mommy = happy daddy.

We appreciate that sleep training is not everyone’s cup of tea (neither was it ours when we first heard about it), but having worked with Louise for many weeks we can say that it was nothing short of a fantastic experience and we can highly recommend her.

Louise will quite likely be the best investment you can make for our little one’s sleep. She truly has been our family’s life saver.

A happy family,
– Sea, Christian and Baby Emma (6 months old) – Singapore –

“A big thank you to Louise from Petite Dreamers”

Brianna is a happy little soul but like my first child she was determined to give mummy many sleepless nights and tough days of rocking and nursing her to sleep!

At 9 months I said enough! I needed to fix this but I didn’t have the courage to do it alone.

The moment Louise picked up the phone she made me feel so much better. I was on the verge of a breakdown and she assured me we can teach Brianna to self-settle and I could get my life back.

Straight away we meet and she wrote a plan, I sent my toddler and Husband away for 3 nights and that’s all it took.

Louise supported me and said so many encouraging kind words that helped me along the way.
We are now well and truly on our way (over a month) and Brianna is still sleeping through the night as well as self-settling during the day for her naps with no guidance from us at all.

If you’re a mummy hesitating to help train your child to sleep better, don’t sit on it for months like I did. Call Louise and get your life back

Louise thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

– Kelly and Daughter Brianna Boo Boo (9 months old) – Singapore –

“Getting Louise’s advice was 100% the right decision.”

Louise has given our family our sleep back! I can’t thank her or recommend her enough. From making some subtle and easy to implement changes to our son’s routine and giving us the confidence as parents to follow the sleep plan, our son was sleeping through the night from night 1. He no longer needs his dummy and has much deeper sleeps. He wakes up happier, more alert, and full of excitement of the day ahead. Louise has a gentle and supportive nature, you don’t feel silly asking her a question; she stayed available throughout and really cared about the outcome.

Thank you Louise!

– Zoe, Bryan and Baby C (11 months old) – Singapore –

“My son was waking 5-9 times each night to feed and wouldn’t go back to sleep until he did.”

With Louise’s help he was sleeping through the night within 5 days and as a result his day nap improved significantly as well.

Louise’s support helped make the process so much less stressful and distressing as it could have been.

Thanks so much, Louise.

– Kate, Jono and especially Will (13 months old) – Singapore –

“Thank you for everything.”

We really appreciate you working with us well over the 2 weeks we initially signed up for. We have been recommending you to all our friends.

You have truly saved our sleep!

– Safina, Brett and Baby L (9 months old) – Hong Kong –

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