Summertime, we expect it to be the most fun time of the year for families. Except your child isn’t sleeping well, and they’re in such a mood! What can you do? This post will give you useful tips to help baby sleep in summer. 

Make the Sleeping Area Optimum for Sleep 

Babies and children are like us in that they need certain things to enter a restful sleep. They need darkness to facilitate their circadian rhythm, quietness, and a comfortable room temperature for sleep.  


When the room is dark, your child’s brain starts producing more melatonin and makes them sleepier. You can turn the lights down in the room they’re in if you’re at home and it’s convenient. If you’re traveling, you can bring blankets or anything else you can think of, depending on your travel and sleeping arrangements to darken baby’s sleeping space. 


Put baby to sleep in the quietest space available to you and use white noise, if needed, to drown out distractions and create a calming environment. 


Adults and kids sleep best in a cool environment, between 17-21 degrees Celsius or 62-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower the thermostat, open a window or utilize a fan to provide the best sleeping environment for baby.  

Adapt to Change 

If you’re putting baby to sleep in a new environment, there are several ways you can help them adapt to the change. 

Don’t fight their natural tendencies 

Children are going to be excited when they reach a new place. Don’t expect them to go to sleep right away, even if it is night. Give them a little time to wind down and get used to where they are before expecting them to go to sleep.  

Recreate their routine 

Try to keep their sleeping routine, including naps, as close to normal as possible, so their sleep schedule isn’t thrown off. Children’s bodies have biochemical sleep rhythms just like ours do. You may have to plan your summer activities around naptimes. But you may like a nap during your summer vacation too, or enjoy the alone time, so it doesn’t have to be a problem. 

Bring things from home 

You can recreate your home in several little ways. Make sure to bring their blankets, even if one will be provided, and don’t wash the blanket or pajamas, so they still smell like home. Important things from their sleeping environment, like their white noise machine, nightlight, or toys, will be helpful for getting them in a comfortable, sleepy mood. 

Doing What You Want to Do 

Sometimes baby’s sleep schedule will interfere with your plans, such as when an event is happening during their nap time, or you want to stay at someone’s house late into the evening. There are several things you can do so your child can sleep, and you can still enjoy yourself.  

There’s the classic: hire a babysitter.  

Maybe someone in the family doesn’t want to attend the event, or you could take turns. One member can skip one event while the other member skips the next event, so someone is always able to put the child down for bed and stay with them. 

If you’re at someone’s home, you could put your child to sleep at their regular time in a room in their home with their favorite sleep items and in a cozy sleeping environment and then move them when you’re ready to go back home or wherever you’re staying.  

You can adjust your child’s sleep routine, particularly if they’re already well-rested and on a stable sleep routine.  

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