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Meet Louise Duncan

Founder & CEO

Over the past 8 years, I have helped coach privately thousands of children from birth through primary school to correct sleep challenges in the home. In recent years, the science behind sleep has made the importance of good, consistent sleeping extremely apparent. It’s one of the most important things to stay happy and healthy – for both children and adults – and the lack of it can lead to low energy, mood swings, tension, and even depression.

When my little girl, Millie, was born I hoped and prayed that she would be a better sleeper than her brother Sam, who was still keeping me up at 3 am!

By the time Millie was 8 months old, I could feel myself sinking into post-natal depression and really found no joy in being a mum.  Something had to give, and changes had to be made.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a baby sleep programme , Sleep Sense, that resonated with me. This programme allowed me to be true to the mother I wanted to be while providing practical solutions to get Millie sleeping through the night AND napping like a champion.

I was so inspired by our experience and passionate about the benefits of a good night’s sleep for the entire family and knew I wanted to help other families have the same.

Knowing that The Sleep Sense Method™ works, I obtained my own certification and was fortunate to be trained in person by the founder, Dana Obleman. 

Today, I am the longest-serving and most experienced Sleep Sense Consultant in Singapore and Southeast Asia helping over 1,000 families get their little ones to sleep using tried and true sleep strategies. 

 I love my ‘job’ and feel honoured to play a part in each family’s parenting journey.

Meet Hannah Yang

Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant

It was three in the morning and I remember cradling my firstborn of four months out on the balcony. He had spent the last eight hours fighting sleep.

I craved one good night’s rest and was genuinely too sleep-deprived to function. It had been a long four months of surviving on two hours of sleep every single night since his birth and I knew this was the tipping point. I needed help.

I scoured through the internet for answers, purchasing every single sleep resource I could get my hands on but found no solace or solution in the materials. It was a minefield of guesswork. The reality was, sleep was more than just a 50-page document. What I truly needed was a professional guiding hand. One that allowed my family to be heard, supported, and understood. 

The piece of mind I was searching for came through to my family when I sought the help of a certified Sleep Sense consultant. Louise held me through the customized program with expertise and wonderfully positive energy. The calm I see in my two children today is a reflection of the clarity in the methodology.

 Not only did this empowering journey set into motion better sleep for my entire family, but it also gave me a newfound purpose to make sleep my number one priority for the community. I knew I needed to help families find the same relief.

Achieving good sleep for your family isn’t meant to be a complicated mind map. There is no better gift to give a parent than rest and this is why I am committed to hearing and seeing you through this change.

Nurturing independent sleep for your little one is possible.

If you are struggling with your child’s sleep and you would like a step-by-step customized plan to get them sleeping through the night, then I can help you.

Please get in touch for a FREE 20 minute discovery call. This will give us a chance to discuss your child’s specific situation and come up with some ideas for a solution.

Remember, sleeping children = happy family!


I was near breaking point with exhaustion

“Louise came into my life when I was near breaking point with exhaustion. What I learnt with Louise has been invaluable. I highly recommend Louise for any sleep-deprived or overwhelmed parents!”

Olivia & Baby Indie, Singapore

She's the one you need if you want your sleep and social life back!

“Louise helped me get back the very little pieces of sanity I had left...TWICE! Once when I had my son and then a daughter 2 years later. For those reading this, think no further! She's the one you need
if you want your sleep and social life back!”

Philea Dai-Chevalley, Singapore

You've changed our lives!

“Thank you so much, Louise! In just a matter of days, you've changed our lives... from having to wake up over 10 times in the nights to resettle my little one, she now sleeps through the night! She naps better during the day too.”

Diya Mahtani & Mirpuri, Singapore

Louise is so helpful, understanding, clear, and approachable

“I was a sleep-deprived wreck but within a few weeks, he is now sleeping through the night thanks to Louise.  Louise is so helpful, understanding, clear, and approachable. THANK YOU!”

Olivia Russell, Singapore

It was the best decision and investment for the whole family...

Louise changed our lives because we got our sleep back. My son is now waking up after 6 am and my daughter is also sleeping through the night for 11 to 12 hours.”

Fränze Kocaman, Singapore

I wish we had found her sooner!

“Within three days we saw a difference in sleep and by one week in we were on the right track and all getting a full night's sleep. Louise has given me confidence as a first-time Mum. I wish we had found her sooner!”

Olivia and baby Harvey, Singapore