Sleep guarantee or your money back

Singapore Baby Sleep Coach

We teach parents how to encourage their children to sleep without tears in a matter of days.

Are you ready for you and your little one to get more sleep? We are here to help you make positive changes for your entire family

First, we have an in-depth sleep consultation where we discuss your concerns to understand why your baby or toddler isn’t sleeping as they should. We will provide a detailed sleep plan with comprehensive educational tools and step-by-step information to guide you through the next few weeks of private sleep coaching. The plan will clearly set out the goals that we will achieve together. 

Petite Dreamers – What we will do!

Step 1: We will write a detailed sleep plan that includes essential sleep education and step-by-step guidance about how the following weeks will unfurl.

Step 2: Once you’ve had time to digest the sleep plan, we will have a consultation to review the plan’s details and discuss the contents and our next three weeks working together.

Step 3: We will schedule at least six regular check-in calls over the next three weeks. Don’t worry; we can chat whenever you feel you need support and a helping hand. 

Step 4: Check the sleep and food tracker daily (we coach through results, data, and context).

Step 5: Education, virtual celebrations and cheerleading, coaching, guidance, and happy dances are part and parcel of our positive support.  

Step 6: You’ll receive a well-curated collection of Petite Dreamers Graduate and other educational materials at the end of your successful sleep journey to help you prepare for future transitions.

Parents – What you will do!

  • Provide us with accurate information about your child’s sleeping pattern so that we can provide a bespoke plan for a good night’s sleep.
  • Be on the consultation call.
  • Read and digest the written sleep plan.
  • Ask as many questions as you need so that we can help.  
  • We will provide you with a comprehensive daily sleep tracker, so sharing detailed updates and progress with us is a key ingredient to help you reach your sleep goals. Remember to complete this every day.
  • Provide information about your child’s behavior, disposition, successes, and shortcomings throughout the day. Pay particular attention to nap times, waking hours, bedtimes, and night sleep. These details are essential so that we can guide you accordingly.  
  • Keep in touch with us daily.
  • View the Petite Dreamers’ terms and conditions here.