Singapore Sleep Consultant for Twins, Triples, or Siblings

All Ages

Double the giggles and grins

Do you have multiple little non-sleepers, possible twins, triplets or siblings of any age keeping you up at night?

And you’re left wondering HOW ON EARTH WILL THEY EVER LEARN TO SLEEP THROUGH ONE ANOTHER’S NOISE, let alone sleep soundly night after night?

DON’T PANIC, because we can definitely help!

Multiple Births – Twins & Triplets

Here at Petite Dreamers we love working with families who have been blessed with a multiple birth! But we also know that these families are often paying “multiple” for everything!

And although we understand that babies are unique we are confident we can make those representations within a sleep plan without needing to charge you for more than one child!  Please just choose the program that best suits your needs, and that’s it!  No hidden or extra costs!



With the arrival of a new baby, have you suddenly realised that your toddler/older child’s sleep situation isn’t going to be sustainable? 

At Petite Dreamers, we understand that the only thing worse than having one child up in the night is having BOTH/ALL your children up in the night!

When working with families of two or more children, we like to come up with a bespoke solution to suit your family’s particular sleep (or lack therefore of) situation.

Please reach out to us for more details.


I was near breaking point with exhaustion

“Louise came into my life when I was near breaking point with exhaustion. What I learnt with Louise has been invaluable. I highly recommend Louise for any sleep-deprived or overwhelmed parents!”

Olivia & Baby Indie, Singapore

She's the one you need if you want your sleep and social life back!

“Louise helped me get back the very little pieces of sanity I had left...TWICE! Once when I had my son and then a daughter 2 years later. For those reading this, think no further! She's the one you need
if you want your sleep and social life back!”

Philea Dai-Chevalley, Singapore

You've changed our lives!

“Thank you so much, Louise! In just a matter of days, you've changed our lives... from having to wake up over 10 times in the nights to resettle my little one, she now sleeps through the night! She naps better during the day too.”

Diya Mahtani & Mirpuri, Singapore

Louise is so helpful, understanding, clear, and approachable

“I was a sleep-deprived wreck but within a few weeks, he is now sleeping through the night thanks to Louise.  Louise is so helpful, understanding, clear, and approachable. THANK YOU!”

Olivia Russell, Singapore

It was the best decision and investment for the whole family...

Louise changed our lives because we got our sleep back. My son is now waking up after 6 am and my daughter is also sleeping through the night for 11 to 12 hours.”

Fränze Kocaman, Singapore

I wish we had found her sooner!

“Within three days we saw a difference in sleep and by one week in we were on the right track and all getting a full night's sleep. Louise has given me confidence as a first-time Mum. I wish we had found her sooner!”

Olivia and baby Harvey, Singapore