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Toddlers and Older Children (2 – 9 years)

Little sleep stars in the making

Are you spending most of your evenings struggling to get your little one to sleep?

We love working with toddlers and small children and we’re here to help! 

You’ve tried and tried to get your little one down for the night, yet they’re up and down more frequently than a yo-yo!

Is it getting to the point where you are starting to worry about your little ones’ health and wellbeing, knowing that a well-rested child is curious, energetic, playful, happy and eager to learn?

No matter what age, lack of sleep can severely affect the quality of life, health, mood and cognition, not just for your little one, but for your entire family too!

The Petite Dreamers Toddler and Children sleep programme is tailor-made by our experienced coaches so that your little one (and the rest of the family) can sleep well and deeply.  We will guide you through the various practised processes so that your loved one can happily fall asleep and say asleep ALL NIGHT LONG!

With our tried and tested pillars of respect, education, nurture and transformation, your toddler will be sleeping soundly sooner than you ever dreamed possible 

We understand that every baby is different, so we have carefully curated a selection of foundational sleep programmes that you can build upon to suit your little one and family.

Toddler and Older Children Packages

What’s Included in all Toddler and Children Packages

We ensure you are set up for sleep success with our comprehensive programs and packages, designed for you. 

Sleep Evaluation

Comprehensive sleep questionnaire to get to the heart of your little one’s sleep challenges.


90 minutes, one-on-one consultation to discuss your sleep strategy and implementation.

Private Coaching

Private one-on-on Coaching in the form of Phone Calls & Email support

Custom Sleep Plan

Your roadmap to get your little one sleeping through the night and napping like a boss!

Sleep Log Tracking

Dedicated Sleep Log App to track and analyse sleep transformation day by day, nap by nap and night by night.

Sleep Toolkit

Sleep education to help with future sleep challenges, like teething, illness and travel.



Answers to your most frequently asked questions about toddler & school aged children sleep coaching and how we can help you set up a solid sleep foundation for a thriving little sleep star!

My toddler/school-age child is still not sleeping through the night. Can you help?

Absolutely! We work with children as old as 9 years old to achieve good sleep!

Louise, our founder’s, own son didn’t sleep well at night until she worked on his sleep at 3 ½ years old. And now, at 11, he sleeps like a rock and needs her to wake him up most mornings!

It will never be too late to help your child develop good sleep skills which will improve not only their quality of sleep but their happiness, ability to learn and behaviour, enabling them to thrive in the day too!

What is the best bedtime for my toddler?

It is recommended that children to the age of 7 get 10-12 hours of night sleep. As such, we usually suggest a bedtime of no later than 8pm, working towards a wake-up time that falls anywhere between 6:30am and 7:30am. 

Remember that setting a good sleep foundation with consistent habits from a young age, will help your child maintain good sleep when they start primary school, which traditionally starts significantly earlier than childcare/kindy.

What if my child is at daycare or with a nanny?

The beauty of one-to-one coaching is that we are able to tailor your family’s sleep plan to your specific requirements. In today’s busy world, when more often than not both parents are working, it is very common for families to have a nanny or to have their toddlers/children in daycare. We will educate and help you navigate guidelines for all your little ones’ caregivers so that a consistent approach to good sleep can be maintained.

How long until I see results for this age?

Once a child has been moved to their big boy/girl bed, it will usually take 2-3 weeks to start seeing consolidated night sleep. Challenging behaviour at bedtime tends to be also present during the day. Our approach is to share with you our 8 tried and tested behaviour tools that you can practice during the day, which will be the foundation of good bedtime and nighttime behaviour.

My toddler has already dropped their nap. Is this OK?

By the time a toddler turns 3 years old, most are ready to drop their daytime nap (this is always a sad time for parents!).

When working with families, if their little one has already dropped their nap we will generally not ask them to reinstate it, unless it is very clear that it is needed.

That said, the transition to a full day of being awake is a big jump in the total continuous hours of awake time (for example 6-12 hours). This is why it is important to keep an eye on your little one’s bedtime and make it earlier if you are finding there are bedtime struggles caused by over-tiredness.

Should we start sleep training now, or wait until we get back from holiday?

In order to give your little one the best possible chance of sleep success while following our sleep training program, it is best that you are at home for the entire length of the sleep training program.


I was near breaking point with exhaustion

“Louise came into my life when I was near breaking point with exhaustion. What I learnt with Louise has been invaluable. I highly recommend Louise for any sleep-deprived or overwhelmed parents!”

Olivia & Baby Indie, Singapore

She's the one you need if you want your sleep and social life back!

“Louise helped me get back the very little pieces of sanity I had left...TWICE! Once when I had my son and then a daughter 2 years later. For those reading this, think no further! She's the one you need
if you want your sleep and social life back!”

Philea Dai-Chevalley, Singapore

You've changed our lives!

“Thank you so much, Louise! In just a matter of days, you've changed our lives... from having to wake up over 10 times in the nights to resettle my little one, she now sleeps through the night! She naps better during the day too.”

Diya Mahtani & Mirpuri, Singapore

Louise is so helpful, understanding, clear, and approachable

“I was a sleep-deprived wreck but within a few weeks, he is now sleeping through the night thanks to Louise.  Louise is so helpful, understanding, clear, and approachable. THANK YOU!”

Olivia Russell, Singapore

It was the best decision and investment for the whole family...

Louise changed our lives because we got our sleep back. My son is now waking up after 6 am and my daughter is also sleeping through the night for 11 to 12 hours.”

Fränze Kocaman, Singapore

I wish we had found her sooner!

“Within three days we saw a difference in sleep and by one week in we were on the right track and all getting a full night's sleep. Louise has given me confidence as a first-time Mum. I wish we had found her sooner!”

Olivia and baby Harvey, Singapore