The Issues

Infants are sleeping the same way right now than they did over a hundred years ago. However, parenting styles have for sure changed. As parents, we are faced with information overload, paired with a lack of time. Fathers and mothers are more aware of the importance of love, bonding, security, and attachment to infants. We are bombarded with information about stress management, toxins, good nutrition, breastfeeding, organic food, and emotion coaching.

We have every appliance needed to supposedly make our lives simpler, yet it all ends up more complex than ever. We are all the while living expensive, busy lives with jobs we are passionate about and paying for childcare that we feel guilty about. We are trying to get everything out of a day we can, micromanaging the most basic tasks and delegating everything we can’t handle.

Quick Fix?

Some sleep experts suggest quick fixes to help your baby sleep through the night. They say controlled crying is effective and harmless. If you challenge their theory, you are labeled as scaremongering. Natural sleep coaching is a multi-dimensional approach that considers the larger picture. Natural sleep coaching promotes the idea that babies have needs that are both physical and psychological, and emotional and relational. Letting them cry it out does not accomplish anything. A quick fix is a wonderful thing, but only if there are no losers.

The Natural Way

Natural sleep coaching includes everything from family-centered care, holistic wellness, gentle parenting, evidence-based healthcare, breastfeeding, and sleep. Contextual factors make a significant difference when exploring sleep issues. When looking at a child’s sleep, the following are considered:

  • The family unit – siblings, extended family, parent’s health, community and environment
  • Child’s age, their developmental stage, and what is normal according to evidence
  • Mental and emotional health, including anxiety and stress
  • Allergy, nutrition, intolerances, nutritional deficit, and feeding problems
  • Sleep hygiene, exercise, and everyday activities
  • Sleep cycles, biology, and circadian rhythms

Natural sleep coaching gently explores all factors in a family unit. The parents should feel reassured and supported through the process. Sleep issues do not happen as isolated cases, and what one family group may be able to handle, another may not. Holistic or natural relates to the total system of something, not just the individual parts. Family sleep is what it is – other siblings, finances, health, and many other factors.

Singapore Baby Sleep Trainer

Every baby, infant, or toddler is their own person and has their own personality. These factors are taken into consideration when determining the right approach for you and your children. Louise at Petite Dreamers will make sure your time is not wasted chasing methods that are not a good fit for your family. She will be available for you and ready to respond to any questions you have about the process. Get in touch with her today for a FREE 15-minute discovery call.