There will come a time when your baby doesn’t belong in a crib anymore, but they need a big bed. But how do you know when that time has come? This post will help you answer the question, is it time to move baby to a big bed? 

Personal to Your Baby 

There isn’t a certain age when all babies are ready to be moved to a big bed. Parents frequently upgrade their babies anywhere from 18 months to 4 years. Babies can be ready physically or cognitively to move, which can happen at different times. It’s best to wait until your child is ready rather than simply pick a time, to make the transition as easy as possible. 

Ability to Climb Out 

If your baby is trying to climb out of the crib, they can easily hurt themselves. This may rush the time you need to make the move to a big bed. If babies are likely crib climbers, they may start as early as 18 months.  

Their Stress Level 

If at all possible, try not to move baby to a big bed when they’re already experiencing another transition. A transition can include things like they’re struggling with potty training or there’s been a big change in the home like a new baby or a new babysitter. If the transition must happen, make sure to do it as gradually and easily as you can.  

Ability to Follow Rules 

If your decision to move baby to a big bed hasn’t been made before this point, you can tell it’s time when your baby is learning to understand rules and have impulse control. This often happens around 3. At this age, they can be trusted more to stay in bed. 

How to Help Baby Move to A Big Bed 

Regardless of when you do it, there are some things you can do to make the transition easier. 


Talk to your child about why they’re moving and what it means, and make sure you make it sound like a positive thing.  

Plan with them 

Give them a few days to move, if possible, and make it an event you’re planning together, maybe with a countdown calendar, or by saying, “Only two days until you move to the big kid bed!” 

Let them make it theirs 

If you allow the child to pick out their blankets, toys, and decor, they’ll be involved in the decision and have control over their space, making them happier and more secure. 

Set rules 

Now that they’re grown enough for a big kid bed, you’ll have to work with them on their sleep routine. Discuss the routine with them and be consistent with making sure they stick to it. 

When enforcing rules, use logic and consequence rather than a punishment to establish the rules so they don’t feel the shame associated with their bed and they learn why they need their routine. If they get up during the night, tell them they can’t do something they want to do the next day because they didn’t get a good enough rest to have the energy to do it.  

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