Juggling the endless responsibilities of caring for your baby, family commitments, and returning to work is challenging. You’ll probably have many worries, concerns, and a sense of overwhelm, but with careful planning and persistence, you’ve got this, and we’ve got you. We can help you as you transition from blissful maternity leave to heading back to the office or working remotely.

Family Calendar

Managing your family’s commitments, work schedules and childcare can be daunting. The advent of family organizer apps like Google Calendar, Cozi, Hub, or even a traditional wall calendar can help you juggle your busy daily life. At a glance, you and your caregiver have an overview of each day, week, or month so that you know who is responsible for doctors’ appointments, school runs, work obligations, and your social life.


Find excellent childcare so that your little one is well taken care of while you are working. It’s essential to research, take references, attend interview days, or use personal recommendations for your nanny or carer. It’s essential that you prioritize your child’s health, safety, and well-being while still being part of their daily lives. By providing the right childcare, you should alleviate any guilt about returning to work.

Sharing Responsibilities

Coordinate your schedule, childcare commitments, and household chores with your partner before you return to work. Remember to plan for your baby’s care if they fall sick and need to visit your GP or if another emergency needs attention.

Morning Routines

Create a fool-proof morning routine for your baby, you, and other family members, and ensure you stick to it! You could prepare lunches, pack bags, and lay out clothes the night before to save you more time and less flapping in the morning. Remember that your little human is unpredictable!

Support at Work

Maintain an open and honest relationship with your employer and ask about their childcare policies, including caring for sick children, routine doctor appointments, paternity leave policies, and personal and unpaid leave. Many employers provide the time and space for new mothers to pump milk for babies up to a year old.

Essential Cooking

Planning simple meals each week gives you more time to spend with your bundle of joy. Spending quality time with your family far outweighs spending endless hours preparing dinner! Prepare food over the weekend and make enough for a few meals. Finger foods are great for little people and if you don’t have much time for yourself in the evening. If you have a slow cooker, add the ingredients before you set off to work, and dinner is ready when you get home.


It’s essential to consider your health and well-being and put some time aside for you in your family-planning calendar. It could be a haircut during your lunch break, a walk, or a yoga session without interruptions. Whatever revitalizes you, make it a habit!

Learn How To Say No!

Your time is valuable, so don’t bow to peer pressure, and learn to say no. You can be selfish with your time and picky with your social calendar without feeling guilty. You can delegate tasks in many ways, whether shopping online, using a prepared meal service or hiring a home helper to assist you with daily chores. Be strict with your work timings too, to spend quality time with your family. You’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve by remaining focussed!

Baby Time

Establishing a bedtime routine encourages your child to fall asleep like clockwork. A good night’s sleep is essential for the entire family. Keep tabs on your baby’s naps during the day so that you can assess an appropriate bedtime. If your baby struggles to sleep at night, is often overtired, or has frequent night wakings, it’s time to call the sleep consultants at Petite Dreamers. The professional team provides a comprehensive sleep plan and endless support, so your baby gets the rest they need to develop.