Parents looking for help when it comes to their child’s sleep are probably exhausted with the sleepless nights and multiple wakeups. They want a solution to their sleep issues, and they want it fast. When considering sleep training, one of the first things people ask is, how long will this take? 

While asking how long sleep training will take is a typical question, the answer is more complicated. Each child is different, and so are their sleeping habits and personalities. What works for one child may need to be modified for another. Some children adapt to change easier than others. If this sounds like children.

The critical thing to remember is that each baby is unique, and you shouldn’t compare your child to other children. Maybe it took your sister four nights of sleep coaching to get her child to sleep through the night. Your other nephew needed ten nights to sleep through the night. There is no set number of days to wait because sleeping is a skill that needs to be honed.

Each baby is different, and parents are different as well. Children have their temperaments and learning styles. These also apply to sleep. Sleeping is a skill, and to make that skill grow and become better, you need to practice.

Like other skills, practice makes perfect. Sleep coaching is helping babies and toddlers learn how to sleep independently. The more they practice sleeping on their own, the better they will be at doing it. Some babies learn the skill faster than others. Don’t compare your child to other children, and focus on your child.

There is no set number of days when determining how long before your child’s sleep training is deemed a success. However, there are some general outcomes that you can use to benchmark how your kids are doing. On average, the third night is when many people report significant improvement in sleeping habits or even sleeping through the night.

Every day there should be an improvement in your child’s sleeping habits. Maybe he or she is sleeping a little longer or waking up less. While we can’t say for sure when your child will begin sleeping through the night, remember that you will get there. 

With a good sleep coach, you’ll be able to help your child learn the skill of sleeping on their own. You’ll also be able to enjoy sleeping more because you won’t be caring for a child who keeps on waking up at night. Again, there is no final answer to the question, “how long will it take?”

Change is hard for everybody, especially babies and toddlers. Even for adults, changing can be difficult to do. The sleep coaching process will take as long as your child needs to learn how to sleep independently. So don’t expect your baby to accept the night routine changes immediately. They will protest for sure. Give them time to adjust and get used to the new routine and before you know it, your baby will be sleeping independently through the night.