Babies need a lot of sleep. This is an important part of their development and making sure that they are strong and grow well. When your baby misses out on some of that important sleep with a lack of a nap, they can get grumpy and sometimes sick if it goes on a long time. The good news is there are ways that you can help get your baby to fall asleep and feel better. These include:

Learn the Baby’s Schedule

Each baby has their own internal schedule or times when they are more likely to be tired. Think about the day for your baby and see if you can time out the naps in a logical manner. It shouldn’t take too long. Watch your baby for cues to when they seem tired and then use that as the new naptime for them and get them to bed.

Learn the Tired Signals

It is pretty simple to gauge when your baby is getting tired. They will get cranky, will close or rub their eyes, and yawn quite a bit. This is a sign that your baby needs a nap. If you notice that they are very fussy and nothing will make them feel good, then it is time for them to go to sleep.

Use a Crib

Make sure that your baby takes a nap in their crib. This helps them to recognize the surroundings and it makes them feel safer. This is also a good way to associate the crib with sleeping, which can make it easier to fall asleep. If you do need the baby to nap outside of the crib for some reason, have them be near items that they use in their usual bed.

Keep Your Baby Active During the Day

There are different ways that you can do this. Try some fresh air and engaging activities to tire out your baby before their nap time. A nice walk around in the stroller will make a difference or you can play with them on the floor. Fresh air and colorful toys are good for keeping your baby active so they will fall asleep, while also helping their health and development.

Don’t Let Them Tire Out Too Much

While keeping your baby active is a good thing, you do not want them to wear out too much. This can be a big problem if the baby is close to an older sibling who doesn’t nap. Make sure your child gets the sleep they need all the time so they don’t get over upset and have trouble falling asleep.

Help Them Fall Asleep

Some babies will have trouble falling asleep at nap time, even when they are tired. If you have trouble getting the baby to fall asleep. This could include a warm bath, a massage, or some soft music or white noise to help. Some babies like to rock and cuddle to help them relax and get to sleep.

Wake Up Supernappers

Do not let the baby get more than about a two hour nap at a time. If your baby is prone to long naps all the time, then help gently wake them up a little bit earlier so the nap is not too long.

The 2-3-4 Nap Schedule

This schedule can help make sure the baby is not sleeping too long. It will work best for a baby who needs two naps a day. The baby should be up two hours before the first nap, three hours between that first nap and the second one, and then four hours between the nap and bedtime. This helps them to go to sleep better at night without being wide awake. 

Your baby’s sleep schedule is important to their growth and development. Follow some of the steps above to see how you can help your baby get the sleep they need.

Sleep Help For You and Your Family

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