Sometimes babies rebel against their cribs. They may want to sleep anywhere else. This is pretty common. But you can help them get used to their crib or readjust to it if they’ve recently developed this aversion.

Reasons Babies Don’t Like Their Cribs

The most common reason is that they’ve simply gotten used to falling asleep somewhere else and associate that place, your arms or chest, their baby swing, or the car seat, with sleep time. The crib simply isn’t where they know they’re supposed to sleep, so you put them there or they wake up and find themselves there and think, “this isn’t my sleeping space.”

If your baby has suddenly developed this dislike of their crib, it is probably due to: 

  • Growth spurts and associated appetite increases
  • Teething
  • Illness
  • Learning a new skill they want to try like rolling over or babbling 
  • Sleep regression – this is a normal break in the sleep routine that can occur at several stages of development

The crib simply offers the baby more freedom to entertain themselves or to feel fussy and less secure if something is wrong.

How To Get Baby To Sleep In Their Crib

First, you need to address the cause of the rebellion. If they’re hungry, they need to be fed. If they’re teething, their pain needs to be alleviated. You need to take the baby to the doctor if they’re ill.

After or aside from that, you should try one or more of these tricks:

  • Put them in the crib while you have them sleepy but not quite asleep, so they associate the crib with sleep time.
  • Don’t check in right away. If they wake and cry out, wait a bit to see if they don’t go back to sleep by themselves.
  • Keep going. Continue to direct your baby in the right direction. You can be gradual about it to gently ease them into what’s best for them, but don’t give in.
  • Make sure they have plenty of quality playtime when they’re supposed to be awake so they may be less likely to feel the need to do so at night.
  • Don’t add soft things. It’s tempting. You think the bed isn’t comfy enough, but they need a firm mattress free of loose items to be safe.
  • Use a swaddle or sleep sack. These items can keep the baby snug and secure even in the crib so they feel more like they are in your arms or their swing.
  • Make sure the room has the right, low light and is a good sleep temperature.
  • Use white noise.

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The crib is the safest place for your baby to sleep. It’s important to help them get used to sleeping in it. If you have questions or are having struggles with your baby and their sleep routine that you can’t resolve, reach out to one of our sleep consultants for help.