It’s stressful choosing a daycare, finding the right people to look after your baby while you’re at work. You worked hard to get your baby’s sleep routine down, and this post will help you find the best daycare to honor that.


The location of the daycare is important in general and for baby’s sleep routine.

Compare the daycare’s location to your commute and that of the other parent or other people who will be helping you pick up the baby in the event of a problem. Is it easily accessible to you? Will you and the other parent be able to share the responsibility of handling daycare issues?

Do you want the daycare to be closer to home or closer to work? This could be important to you depending on whether you want to pick up the child from daycare sooner or spend less time driving afterward.

Will driving to and from the daycare interfere with baby’s sleep routine because you will be getting home late or having to wake baby up early?

Nap Routines

Many daycares only offer one naptime, but most babies at the age they enter daycare still need two naps a day. If your baby is accustomed to two naps, ask questions to make sure the daycare you’re considering offers this and until what age they offer it. You can also ask them where the babies nap. You deserve to know these things.

Sleep Policies

There are even more questions you are entitled to have answered:

  • Are the daycare workers trained in safe sleep practices for babies?
  • What does the daycare do if babies don’t fall asleep right away? Do they intervene if the baby isn’t asleep in 10 minutes or take the baby up from the nap?
  • What happens if the baby wakes up soon from their nap?
  • What do they do if the baby is crying at naptime?
  • Can your child sleep with their favorite plush or blanket, and can they do so at any age?

Nap Area

The daycare should provide a designated place for babies to sleep that can be darkened and kept at a desirable sleeping temperature. White noise or music is also ideal. Parents need to provide these things for babies at home, so the daycare should be doing so too.

Ask to inspect the nap area. This way you can see for yourself that the baby is safe and likely to have quality sleep.

Note: daycares don’t completely darken the nap areas because of safety concerns, but they should dim the light in the room, even if just by closing blinds.

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