Traveling with a new baby can be a challenge, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. While it may seem overwhelming to plan for everything your baby may need, we have some tips that can help simplify the process and keep you from getting too stressed out. 

  1. Keep Your Car Stocked

Keeping an extra set of your essentials is a great way to take the stress out of travel. Many parents store strollers, an extra diaper bag, and other important items in the car at all times. This means you save time getting out the door and don’t have to repack your car each time you go to leave.

  1. Double Up On Essentials

When you’re stressed and out of your normal element, it can be helpful to have extras of your everyday essentials. Store an extra set of diapers, wipes, a changing mat, or anything else you use daily in the car or an easily accessible location.

  1. Minimize Where You Can

Since we just told you to double up on essentials, it is also important to minimize in other areas so you don’t get overwhelmed by baby gear. Make sure you consider what you will actually need for your travel. How long will you be gone? What will be available when you get there? Cut down on the excess where possible.

  1. Avoid Feeding On The Go

We recommend planning a feeding just before you leave for travel if you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Both of these involve equipment that is best left at home if possible. If your baby eats before you leave, they will be satisfied and happy, and you will have less to carry around while on the go.

  1. Stick To Your Routine

While it’s not always possible to maintain your regular routine while traveling, babies thrive under their regular schedule and conditions. If you can, keep your baby on their normal nap and sleep schedule while you travel for a happier baby and more sleep for parents.

  1. Plan Ahead When Possible

Avoid the unknowns by planning ahead and being as prepared as possible. If you know you will be going to a particular restaurant or venue, call ahead and ask about their nursing facilities and changing stations. Knowing what is available and where it is located will help you stay calm if you need to deal with a fussy baby in a hurry.

  1. Get Smart With Accessories

It is so easy to lose bottles, toys, pacifiers, and more when traveling. One of our favorite ways to prevent this is by attaching everything, whether it’s to your baby’s stroller, your diaper bag, car seat, etc. Use bungee cords, carabiners, or other safe options to keep all of your baby’s accessories close at hand.

  1. Watch Your Time

It is always ideal to keep travel with a little one short, ending on a positive note if possible. You want to avoid them getting to a point where they are fussy and tired of being out. We also recommend leaving yourself some extra time when traveling with your baby. Thinks will naturally take longer than expected when dealing with newborns and everything that comes with them.

  1. Use Plans For Accountability

If you’re having trouble gathering the confidence and motivation to plan a fun outing with your baby, get a friend or family member involved for some added accountability. If you have friends with babies, you can schedule play dates, making it harder to cancel plans already on the calendar.

  1. Take A Breath and Just Do It

Traveling with your baby is hard. It’s ok to be stressed and frustrated just trying to leave your own house. When things seem overwhelming, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that you are not alone. At the end of the day, you will probably forget something, or your baby may be fussy, but sometimes you just have to do it and hope for the best.