Some children have a tough time going to sleep at night, so we need to find creative ways to help them out. Here are a few ways you can help your child have a good bedtime experience.

Best Bedtime Practices

Sleepy Atmosphere

Shortly before your child heads off to bed, close the curtains, turn on soft light, and let all other areas remain dark. The atmosphere will let your child transition from daytime to nighttime.

Quality Time

Consider some one-on-one time just between the two of you or with each parent individually. Your child can talk about their day, spend some time cuddling, and share a few giggles. You might include some calming, quality time by drawing pictures or bringing out their coloring book.

Include Scents

If your child’s room is a nursery, add some essential oils or a diffuser to create a relaxing, sleepy atmosphere.

Foster Neatness

You should encourage your child to get ready for bed by washing their face and hands and brushing their teeth. This will give you time to clean up any clutter to encourage restful sleep.

Personalize the Bathtime Schedule

Some children enjoy taking a bath before bedtime while others will end up staying wide awake, so adjust accordingly. 


You could include a little massage to the routine to help them relax and unwind from their busy day.


One of the best choices is to read a story every night. Stories will let their imaginations grow and give them joy. Reading a book before bedtime has been shown to contribute to your child’s speech development and promote future reading skills.


If reading is something your child does not seem to enjoy, how about singing a song to them as they start to drift off to sleep. Singing together might just do the trick to help them settle down for sleep. Be sure to use a song that is calming, soft, and enticing for sleep.


Younger children would probably enjoy something to eat before bed while older kids would enjoy a nice snack.

White Noise

Having white noise is a perfect choice for babies as it will remind them of when they were in the womb while children that are older would be open to pink or brown noise. There are also children that are induced by classical music. Play around until you find the right match for your child.

How it Works

The idea is to create a positive mood before sleep to help your child unwind. Play around with some ideas and try them out. You will find things that will work perfectly for you and your child.

As a parent, I’m sure you have experienced many times when your child does not want to go to sleep on time. Being a little creative might just turn that around.

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