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Sleeping like a baby...

If only. You strive to be the best parent but your little one’s sleepless nights have you sleep-deprived and feeling desperate. 

There is no joy in being a mum or dad when you’re exhausted and ready to drop. 

There is a better way. 

Hello! My name is Louise Duncan and I’m the #1 trusted Paediatric Sleep Expert in Asia. My team and I guide struggling sleep deprived parents to learn the transformative tools to get their children sleeping through the night, enabling everybody to thrive.

As the longest-serving sleep consultant in Singapore and Southeast Asia, I’ve helped over 1,000 families get their children to sleep. When choosing someone to care for your children you want to be sure you chose a sleep consultant with proven experience.

As a mum, I used this exact sleep training programme to get my own two children who had major sleep challenges sleeping on their own. 

You’ll receive a sleep plan that’s fully customized for you and your child and one-on-one support so your family can sleep like a dream. 

Better sleep for your family starts here.

How we can help you

Are you in tears, bone-tired, and even a bit resentful at your little one for being up all night… again?   

We work with parents of children (newborn to 9 years) who want to be the best parents they can be. The only problem is sleepless nights at the hands of their little ones are leaving you anxious and struggling with sleep deprivation. You’re feeling desperate and worried about how you’ll function tomorrow. 

Together we get your child from meltdowns at bedtime, in your bed at midnight, or crying through the night to a kiddo with a non-fuss bedtime routine who sleeps through the night. 

You’ll go from being up all night frantically trying to figure it out to a well-rested, all-in, and loving parent.


our Services

Paediatric Sleep Consulting


Ensure your little one develops into a healthy independent sleeper.


Create successful bedtimes, manage night waking and naps.


Make positive changes and long-lasting sleep habits for your toddler and children.

Other Services

Twins, multiples, and siblings don’t mean double the price. 

How we work with you

1) 20-minute FREE discovery call

Once you have booked your call, our first step is to fully understand where your biggest struggles are and determine how we can best support you to reach your goals.

2) 60-90 minutes one-to-one consultation

As we begin our time together, we will ask you a series of questions about your child’s sleep routines, timing and ideal day. We will then have a private consultation where we will discuss strategies for implementing a healthy sleep plan for your baby including sleep expectations, tips for issues like teaching your baby the difference between day and night, and encouraging independent sleep.

3) Your personalised ‘Petite Dreamers 4 Steps to Sleep Success’ sleep plan

Prior to our meeting, we will create a detailed, fully customised sleep plan that is ready to start immediately. Your step-by-step sleep plan outlines a specific guide for you to implement that will:

  • Teach your baby how to fall asleep without ‘sleep props’
  • Help you achieve an effective nap-time schedule
  • Help you maintain a healthy and effective bedtime routine
4) One-to-one private coaching

You will be supported with private one-to-one coaching in the form of follow-up email or messenger one-to-one communication to ensure you are successful with the implementation of your sleep plan. This begins the morning you start your sleep plan. In addition, we will schedule coaching phone calls over our time together and use this time to discuss progress and address all the questions you have about sleep.


I was near breaking point with exhaustion

“Louise came into my life when I was near breaking point with exhaustion. What I learnt with Louise has been invaluable. I highly recommend Louise for any sleep-deprived or overwhelmed parents!”

Olivia & Baby Indie, Singapore

She's the one you need if you want your sleep and social life back!

“Louise helped me get back the very little pieces of sanity I had left...TWICE! Once when I had my son and then a daughter 2 years later. For those reading this, think no further! She's the one you need
if you want your sleep and social life back!”

Philea Dai-Chevalley, Singapore

You've changed our lives!

“Thank you so much, Louise! In just a matter of days, you've changed our lives... from having to wake up over 10 times in the nights to resettle my little one, she now sleeps through the night! She naps better during the day too.”

Diya Mahtani & Mirpuri, Singapore

Louise is so helpful, understanding, clear, and approachable

“I was a sleep-deprived wreck but within a few weeks, he is now sleeping through the night thanks to Louise.  Louise is so helpful, understanding, clear, and approachable. THANK YOU!”

Olivia Russell, Singapore

It was the best decision and investment for the whole family...

Louise changed our lives because we got our sleep back. My son is now waking up after 6 am and my daughter is also sleeping through the night for 11 to 12 hours.”

Fränze Kocaman, Singapore

I wish we had found her sooner!

“Within three days we saw a difference in sleep and by one week in we were on the right track and all getting a full night's sleep. Louise has given me confidence as a first-time Mum. I wish we had found her sooner!”

Olivia and baby Harvey, Singapore